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Had an account with them for years and lost way more money than I should have. Short term gambles just are not worth it. I feel better now knowing I'll be keeping more of my money!


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    I've made money with them (from their services and owning their shares, though I don't currently do the latter). So, I respectfully disagree. You can use margin and options and shorts and hedges as part of a broad portfolio sometimes, but of course it's not for everyone.

    Was this intended as a response to some other thread, or just a general "dammit, I lost again, now I'm going to stop gambling" post?
  • I recently got a bunch of birthday money and realised I'd lost the same amount I got in my spreadbetting account, and not for the first time. It's not a gambling problem, and perhaps I'm pretty bad at this whole thing, but even with 3 month timescales on some spread-bets I found I lost money hand over fist all of the time. I'm going to stick to safe, long-term buys from now on.
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