Can a credit card make a payment automatically, i.e. like a direct debit?


I want to use a credit card to pay my council tax every month.

Can I set it up to do this automatically or have I got to remember every month?




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    Ask your Council if they have a facility for continuing payments... some magazines, gyms and so forth have collected regular subscriptions by getting customers to sign a Continuing Payment Authority, and since it is difficult for the customer to cancel these they have a rather poor reputation.
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    My council (Cornwall Council) allow you to pay monthly anyway with 0% interest, it even tells you on the bill how to do it, surely every council will do this? I can imagine ALOT of people cannot afford a council tax bill in one lump sum. Plus by setting up the direct debit with santander 123 current account you will get cashback on every months bill :)
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    Many councils will charge a fee for payment by credit card, mine charges 1.8%.
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