MSE News: ''MSE was the best springboard ever for my start-up''

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I've been Money Tipped! Newshound!
Approved Food founder says he owes the success of his business to frugal MoneySavers and ...
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'MSE was the best springboard ever for my start-up'


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  • Former_MSE_AndreaFormer_MSE_Andrea Forum Manager Former MSE
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    It would be great to hear from any of the original MSErs who first used Approved food back then. Are you still using it today? :)
    Could you do with a Money Makeover?

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  • natlienatlie Forumite
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    Buying from Approved Foods really helped me when I was struggling financially, I used to buy stuff for lunchboxes - crisps, squash, biscuits etc and the occasional treats I id find the postage expensive in the early days - I can't comment on it now as its been at least a year since I last bought from there.

    The items are always well packaged - it always felt like xmas when the boxes arrived

    I am glad they have done so well - their economic, social and environmental benefits are huge!

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  • jobbingmusicianjobbingmusician Forumite
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    MSE_Andrea wrote: »
    It would be great to hear from any of the original MSErs who first used Approved food back then. Are you still using it today? :)

    Yep. I really love them! Sadly we are living away from home for 3 months, in a neighbour's house, so at the moment I don't feel we can realistically accept big orders. Really missing them! :o
    I was a board guide here for many years, but have now resigned. Amicably, but I think it reflects very poorly on MSE that I have not even received an acknowledgement of my resignation! Poor show, MSE.

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  • VfM4meplseVfM4meplse PPR
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    To be frank, I have used it once and once alone - that was when flour was available at a silly price. I had to look hard to make up the order to anything I actually needed; over 2 years later I still have to use up most of the stuff ordered.

    It's of little use to those of us that don't ordinarily purchase processed foods. But great for those with big families that are happy to stuff them with junk.

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  • I have never used this company before (live alone and my grocery spend is not much) but I often visit the site to see the amazing bargains that's on offer.

    It's nice to read that the company is doing so good when things are tough for many.

    Well done approved foods and I wish you well for future years ahead.
  • Judi11Judi11 Forumite
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    Lovely story. Great that this money saving site helped another business so much. We have 2 businesses ourselves and it always seems that people are fighting against us, even we we have the best intentions i.e. to help other businesses and customers.

    Continue the good work and adapting to your fab growth :o)
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