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    dano17439 said:
    Lets hope 2021 is a lot better....lets face it probably cant be any worse *touches wood*
    Sorry to hear all your expenses what a nightmare! Glad you are on top of it and at least a new boiler is a great investment for the future. 
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    Thanks Caeler

    I cant believe what a difference a new boiler has made to be honest. We have a handheld remote now which we just set at the temperature we want and the boiler just flicks on and off when necessary. All very efficient! Our old boiler was just either on or off with no thermostat control. The radiators weren't very good either but the boiler man flushed them and added a softener and something that stops any sludge build up so now they are very warm.

    The new boiler should see less gas use as well so maybe some money to be saved there. its also a lot quieter so yes it was unexpected expenditure but we are loving it lol. As said we knew it was at least 20 years old so it was a question of when and not if we needed to replace it, just didn't expect it to be now
  • dano17439
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    Morning folks

    Happy March! Not much to say this month, February was very quiet apart from Mrs Danos birthday in the half term week. We had a couple of days leave for a bit of a recharge. 

    Ended up with £1,500 left in our account on Payday, so saved this plus our regular amount. Bit of a milestone as our actual mortgage balance has just dipped to under £30k now, so taking into account our savings, NET balance is bang on £14K owed. 
  • dano17439
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    Hi folks

    Haven't updated this thread for a few months....this is the month where we have enough savings to pay off our mortgage......apart from WE'VE BOUGHT ANOTHER HOUSE!!

    We've talked about it for years really, but back in mid March we decided to take the plunge and make 1 more move to take us to retirement, so put our house on the market

    We accepted a full price offer within a week, and found a house that we loved relatively quickly...only the 2nd one we viewed!

    Turned out that the chain was quite simple, the solicitors were brilliant and we completed the deal on 25th June - just in time to benefit from the stamp duty break. Well chuffed about that!

    But of course what with a new house comes a new mortgage. So the figure owed.....

    £268,000 payable over 16 years! 

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    Wow, congratulations! What's your new target end date 🤣🤣🤣?
    Mortgage start: £65,495 (March 2016)
    Cleared 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️!!! In 5 years, 1 month and 29 days
    Total amount repaid: £72,307.03. £1.10 repaid for every £1.00 borrowed

    Finally earning interest instead of paying it!!!
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    Well done, I’m sure with your OP history on the last house, has helped with the move to this house. I’m sure you will slay this mortgage as before. Must be a great feeling! I will follow your progress. Best of luck, oh and congratulations on your new home, all concluded very quickly.
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    Thank you! Yes from start to finish it was 3 months. The chain was only 4 long and all were keen to complete before end of June to beat the SDLT rise. The last week was a bit hairy though due to the solicitor at the start of the chain bringing up some last minute queries much to everybodies annoyance. We only exchanged on the Thursday before completing on the Friday!!!

    We had budgeted not beating the SDLT break just incase, so we are using that money saved to buy new furniture and do a bit of general decorating. Our house is already spot on so we can just do what we want when we want. 

    As it stands it we were to offset our savings against the new mortgage, the NET figure is 224k owed. But we've just stuck 6k on our credit card over the past couple of weeks so that will need paying this month

    We will try to overpay or save as much as we can however. If we can do this new mortgage in 10 years that would be fantastic! 
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