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bathroom extractor fan problem

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Hi, could really do with some help with my extractor fan. The fan used to come on when turning the bathroom light and and then run on for about 5 minutes once light is turned off. The fan stopped working a few months ago and I'm trying to get it working again. I've checked with a multimeter that I'm getting 12v at the fan which I am and also checked to see if the transformer in the loft is sending 12v which it is ( I'm actually getting 13v). I've replaced fan and transformer still no joy, any suggestions?


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    if you have replaced the fan & the transformer then I'd say you have a neutral fault, either it's broken or come out of the light feed
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  • Right how can I test if it's broken? Have checked connections to transformer and they seem ok lights work and so does the light in the attic which is wired into the transformer. Could it be the connection in the pull cord of the light switch?
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