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Non heating electric cooker =(

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  • Ebe_ScroogeEbe_Scrooge Forumite
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    If you're sure it's the element that's gone then I'd definitely buy a replacement. Not difficult to fit if you're reasonably handy at DIY ( did one myself a few years ago ). Even if you're not DIY-minded, it'd be worth finding a decent local independent repair guy to have a look. Would seem daft to shell out for a new one if it can be repaired relatively cheaply.
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  • 95% sure it is the element, second vote to replace that and then see how it goes.

    Seeing as it went with a decent pop, it should look cooked visually, which would a good thing to check out before even ordering the replacement.
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    Problem is, I'm not sure it IS the element

    Buy a cheap multimeter and check it. I've replaced both the elements in my oven in the last couple of years, it's a lot cheaper than a new cooker.

    Your fault symptoms are not very consistent, why did it drop the breakers the first time you put it on, but not afterwards? If it's dropping the breakers out you're looking for short, if it's just not working then there's an open circuit somewhere, or both if a short has blown any fuses in the cooker. It may be the wiring, not necessarily the element, but the meter will tell you. Expect the resistance of a working element to around 38 ohm for 1500W, the insulation should be as near infinite as a multimeter is likely to measure.
  • Owain_MoneysaverOwain_Moneysaver Forumite
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    I also suspect element; it probably shorted to earth when it failed which would knock the RCD off.
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  • benje302benje302 Forumite
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    I had this issue a few years ago and the reason my element blew up was that the fan at the back of the oven had seized up and then overheated.

    Try moving the fan with something to see if it moves freely. If is does not then replace that at the same time.

    Hope this helps.

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    Replaced mine a few years ago. It didn't trip the circuit breaker when it 'went'. Replacement was easy.
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    How did you know what volt / wattage element to replace it with?!

    Hotpoint site says they have 2 elements (different prices!) that would suit my model, but one is 1600W, the other is 1500W


    There's very little difference between 1500 and 1600w - either will do.
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    replace the element easy job. If you don't think you can do it, get someone in to do it still cheaper than a new cooker.
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    Mine looked ok too when it went. The damage is often done inside the element, so not visible. You could connect a meter across the disconnected terminals if you have one. The rod at the top is likely the oven temperature sensor. The iron filings might be just food crud spun off while soft, so it looks like filings.
  • JohnB47JohnB47 Forumite
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    Personally I would just clean off the worst of it - the 'filings'. Sometimes you can give yourself a real job of work 'cos bits don't come off or go back on easily. Or you might damage something while doing it.
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