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Nappies for my 8 year old

Hi all
My 8 year old, Oscar, has Asperger syndrome and is still in nappies at night. We have tried every brand of pull up pants etc but as they are made more for accidents, and my son is an all night wee-er, they just leak in the night which upsets my son (and me as I do the washing!)
He is in the biggest size that asda do which are only just doing up, so we need this resolved asap!

I've been to my gp to ask for nappies but he said he's never been asked for nappies for an 8 year old (?!) and instead referred us to the wee nurse, who was very kind, but her talk with Oscar just ended up with oscar refusing to drink at all...still wetting the bed every night (she told us to remove his nappy as we were 'enabling' him) and after a week of wet sheets, very unhappy child & growing issues with drinking from him we knocked it all on the head!

Anyway..... Please does anyone know where/how I can get bigger, PROPER, nappies for him please? Obviously I would prefer them to be in prescription but we are more than happy to buy them ourselves if we have to.

Thanks all,

Jools xx


  • My son wore pull up style nappies until the week before his 16th birthday this year. The brand that was best for him was Tena. You might need to try 'small mens' size. You could be cheeky and contact Tena and ask for a couple of free samples of nappies and pull ups. I don't know how they will respond, but you do sometimes see them advertising continence products with a free sample, although it is usually one per household.

    Please do go back to your continence nurse. They do have to stay with certain brands, but you can ask to try a variety. Tena are the more expensive ones, but if your child is leaking frequently, then the nurse can go to her manager, who may be able to authorise a different brand if it is justified.
  • I think they do them in Boots?
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    My son is the same. I buy the dry nights pajama pants age 8-16 but they are a snug fit, and won't do for too much longer. I buy them from amazon on a regular subscription. They work out much cheaper that way.
    I have also bought an umbrella sheet to go under him on the bed. It saves stripping everything off.
  • IK, Boots do have Tena, but as you have to buy a full pack (and they might not be suitable), I thought asking for free samples might be worth a try.

    Just a thought, whenever my son has leaked, I used to keep a pile of old towels handy. That way, I could pop a couple under him and he could go straight back to sleep without too much disruption. It does mean more washing in the morning, but might be worth considering.
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    Hi, my grandson has problems due to autism and even though he is now in his 20's he has always received free products. I think your Dr is just treating your son as a late bed wetter. If he wets every night it might be worth taking the advice I found on the NHS website for incontinence. You may have to push this with your Dr, but I don't think he can refuse a referral.

    "What’s available on the NHS varies throughout the country. Each primary care trust (PCT) has its own contract to supply incontinence products and its own eligibility criteria. To find out if you can get your incontinence pads, products and appliances for free, ask your local district nurse (get details at your GP surgery) for an assessment. They can advise you on whether you're eligible. If you are, they can arrange for a regular supply of pads to be delivered to you, if your local service provides home delivery.
    You should be supplied with as many pads and other continence supplies as you need. If this doesn't happen or you have any concerns, tell your healthcare professionals. If you prefer, seek advice from your local Patient Advice and Liaison Service "
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    My severely autistic son was in pull ups until the age of 12.

    You need to talk to a health visitor, continence nurse or similar and see if the NHS will provide some. They do for those who are in them during the day aswell but I don't know if they have different rules for those who only wear them at night.

    As for buying pull ups, I used Pyjama Pants for ds (dry night is it?). Being that your son only uses them at night it shouldn't cost you much.

    Tena also do adult sized 'nappies' so may have something suitable.

    Amazon may be a good place to look for a good deal on the prices.

    You can also get little alarms for those who don't wake to urinate during the night, it wakes them up as soon as something is starting. Otherwise though I would be wondering why a child is urinating so much in the night and wonder if he needs to be encouraged more in the day or whether there is something causing the night time urination like that. But I don't know what's normal with that, ds did urinate a lot during the night but he was fully and doubly incontinent.

    There may be something in the enabling him at night, he may be so used to and comfortable with it that it's become a normal safe thing for him, but that's not meant in a negative way towards you in the slightest. It could be that it's something else that causes it.

    Ps, you didn't happen to post about this on a group called A-Team on facebook earlier, did you?
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    \we use quidco to get out nappies Tenna flex from a firm called chemist direct that way you get some cash back . This is very handy for my autistic 19 year old
  • You need to be referred to the incontinence team, they should be able to provide you with something more suitable than what you get from the supermarket.

    We use tena slips for our daughter who is on an overnight tube feed. When we have run out before I have bought them from amazon.
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