Craft Stuff you can only get in the US

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I have work colleagues who travel regularly back and forth to the US and they will bring back small items for me, I am thinking things that are readily available in the US but not available or only very expensively over here,

My first order has gone in for 2 rolls of freezer paper!

Does anyone have any ideas of anything else thats great thats only available in the US.

Of course now i'm on the spot I cant think of any, but at the time I have come across loads of things i want that i cant get!!
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    I find I can get the majority from mainland Europe instead of importing it in; freezer paper is white baking parchment that you can get from any supermarket (I lived in the US for a year, and yes, its the same).

    Most things have a variant closer to home, although I love my Milk Duds and Hot Tamales, as well as Swiss Miss Hot Choc. I can get the equivalent of Hot Tamales and Milk Duds in most of Europe, and Swiss Miss comes from a lovely store that does international food - its pretty cheap.

    I wouldn't waste my time tbh, if there's something you desperately want or need then ask, but I've found 99% has either an equivalent, or can be bought over here.
  • I'm asasumming that you're referring to craft Things?

    When I'm in North America I try a different find a "Michaels" store - they're a large craft chain and have an amazing array of goods. You could look at their website and see if there was a store near where your colleagues were travelling and then look at the products.

    Having said that there's nothing like actually mooching in the shop.

    I tend to find that there isn't anything massively different but the range (size, colour etc) of products tends to be greater.

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    Mod podge and candy melts. Way cheaper in US
  • You can get most things from e-bay!!
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    tulip fabric paints in the big bottles.. you can only get the tiny bottles here. and it is extortionate on ebeast and £9+ postage!!
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  • dont bother with mod podge, its rubbish, PVA is much better and much heaper
  • dont bother with mod podge, its rubbish, PVA is much better and much heaper

    Does anyone actually buy modge podge? As ^^, PVA plus water is just as good.

  • Well, I would go mad with US overdyed embroidery threads and needlecraft beads, esp. Mill Hill, if I were to go to the US, or someone was offering to buy for me (I do agree that going around the shop etc oneself can't be beaten!), but you may not be interested in stitchery...
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  • Didn't say it wasn't expensive, but you can get most American craft stuff off e-bay........
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