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I have a fairly huge overdraft with Santander, and don't get me wrong, I've been grateful for it at times.
I haven't reduced it as I've been unsuccessfully self-employed and now I've given up and claimed Job seekers allowance.
It charges me £20 per month for my authorised overdraft.
I rang up to discuss getting bank charges and fees being returned and was basically told 'well we can close the account and send it to receivers'.
This month because I went £16 over (due to forgetting their £20 bank charge ironically) for one day. So it's going to cost me £35 in charges in total next month. I literally don't know how I will get through the month.
Can they do that i.e. close my account and send it to receivers (I take it that means debt enforcement companies?) if I attempt to get the charges back?


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    Can they do that i.e. close my account and send it to receivers
    Yes, they can close your account, but not simply because you've requested a refund of bank charges.

    You need to show them you are in current financial hardship if you have any hope of success. You need to show them you are constantly living in your overdraft and are struggling to pay essential bills. If you do plead such circumstance, make sure you do not have subscription TV, a mobile 'phone contract, gym membership or are regularly eating out at restaurants etc -such payments would indicate that you are NOT in financial hardship.
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