was I mugged off

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While searching through some old paperwork I found a letter from first response
Finance limited,
I know its probably to late to claim now but it does play on my mind wondering if I was mugged off,
I only found the letter as I moved and was sorting out what could be thrown away
the letter I recived after I wrote to them and called them here it is in full except a few details ie agreement No
Agreement No 00000000
Dear mr brian martin,
We are writing to you regarding your concerns you have about how we sold you your payment protection insurance policy on 23/02/2004.
The financial services authority (fsa) understand that there is a limit to how long companies like first response finance ltd can hold information and so thier rules allow us to reject certain complaints, unfortunately your complaint is relating to a product sold over six years ago, and therefore falls outside of the jurisdiction of the financial ombudsmans services (fso).
We dont normally like to reject complaints in this way, however the issues you have raised are based on events that took place over six years ago and therefore we are unable to fully investigate your concerns.
if you would like to discuss this further then please contact us directly on 0000 000 0000.
We trust that this now resolves your concerns and we thank you for taking the time to contacting us directly.
Yours sincerely
On behalf of
First response finance ltd
I do remember calling them a few times to speak to the person who signed the letter, and being told shes in a meeting and will call back but as I was going through the brek up of my marriage I forgot about it then misplaced the letter only now finding it in a box,
Was I mugged off as I would really like to know
Regards brian martin.
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