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Meal plans WC 21st September

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Meal plans WC 21st September

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SoworriedSoworried Forumite
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I've done this weeks meals planner by coming up with ways to use the longest inhabitants of the freezer/cupboard so it is not very exciting but it badly needed doing.

Sunday- Fish, chips and peas, rhubarb crumble and custard
Monday- Kedgeree to use up some smoked kippers
Tuesday-Chicken goujons with salad and HM spicy wedges
Wednesday-HM pizza and garlic bread slices
Thursday-Mince and herby dumplings with mash and LO frozen veg
Friday- Chicken kiev, chips and peas
Saturday-LO smokey chorizo mince in HM wraps with basics tortilla chips

Lunches will be Spanish quiche to use up some peppers and chicken and rice soup, then it will be sandwiches with egg mayo or corned beef.
I'll need to buy fruit as we only have strawberries and blackberries in or rhubarb in the freezer. I need to grab the salad and some mozzarella as well.
Snacks will be dried and fresh fruit with HM yoghurt and I will make some flap jacks today. I have a tonne of raisins to use up so I'll add them to it and also have them with porridge for breakfasts.

Have a frugal week every body :j
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  • Morning :) My meal plan for the week:

    M: Cold chicken, cous cous with peppers, feta, spring onions and dill, green salad and a mint and cucumber yogurt dip/dressing.
    T: Chicken and chorizo paella (using leftover chicken).
    W: Minestrone Soup (Using leftover chicken and hm stock).
    T: Pasta with chorizo, mushrooms and a hm tomato sauce.
    S: Pizza and Chips (want an easy cook/clean up)
    S: Lamb leg steaks, veg and potatoes.
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  • My plan for this week:

    M- gammon egg pineapple chips and peas
    T- sausage casserole with mash carrots peas and Yorkshire puddings
    W- spaghetti bolognese
    T- chicken korma, rice and naan
    F- pasta bake with hot dogs and garlic bread
    S- chicken sweet and sour with rice
    S- bacon and egg omelette/sandwich
  • Sun- Dippy egg and toast fingers-too full from our roast lunch for anything more.
    Mon- Leftover chicken and veggies from yesterdays lunch,chips (1/4 bag in freezer needed using up)
    Tues- Toss up between soup and crackers or pizza (DD is with my mum for tea)
    Weds- Freezer bolo with spag and frozen veggies
    Thurs- Mash potato, fishcakes and frozen veggies
    Fri- Hm pizza and Hm wedges with salad
    Sat- Jackets with tuna and salad
    Sun- Again something light for tea after a roast lunch

    Desp. trying to empty the freezer for defrosting so i'm not cooking from scratch at the moment. I will have a batch cooking day to refill asap!
  • SmooshSmoosh Forumite
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    Plan so far:

    Sunday was homemade leek, bacon (soya bacon for me, real for OH) & Quorn "chicken" filo pie in a parmesan white sauce. Served with YS crispy potato slices, YS corn on the cob, YS roasted parsnip, broccoli & gravy.

    Yesterday was Thai red curry with Quorn "chicken", broccoli, red pepper, green beans, home grown onion & baby corn. Served with YS jasmine rice.

    Today we're having a creamy tagliatelle with home grown tomatoes, home grown chilli, YS spinach with soya "bacon" for me & real bacon for OH. Served with YS salad and/or homemade garlic bread.

    Rest of the week:
    Quorn "mince" & YS spinach burritos with rice & sour cream.
    Pizza (1 margherita & 1 spinach & ricotta) with YS salad.
    Quorn "meatball" sub casserole served with whatever veg/salad we have left.

    Haven't decided Saturday's dinner yet & Sunday we're going out for lunch with OH's family so dinner will just be a snack.
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    Skint_yet_AgainSkint_yet_Again Forumite
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    Hi everyone, mine started Monday but DS is on a new diet for next 2 weeks and I'm losing inspiration....


    200g red meat, 120g kidney beans, 100g green veg, 300g sweet potato. 1 apple or orange


    225g chicken breast, 250g rice, 300g green veg. 1 apple or orange

    We can add sauces, herbs, spices, gravy/stock cubes/soy sauce, tinned tomatoes

    So far we have had

    Mon - chilli beef with kidney beans/green beans & sweet potato wedges
    Tue - stewed beef with kidney beans in gravy with sweet potato mash & broccoli/cabbage

    So for the rest of the week I am thinking

    Wed - chicken and green peppers (green veg?) black bean sauce & rice

    Thu - cajun chicken & vegetable rice

    Fri - steak with kidney bean/green veg ragu and sweet potato wedges

    Sat - roast chicken with ginger & chilli, stir fry cabbage, green peppers, corgettes, green beans & rice

    Sun - chicken curry with veg & rice

    Any other ideas anyone??
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