Offer Dispute - worth pursuing?

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Barclays made me a relatively small offer earlier in the year. I didn't agree with it and so contacted them to discuss, the lady I spoke to wasn't helpful at all and wasn't prepared to re-look at the offer. I felt disgruntled but didn't feel it was worth pursuing so I cashed the cheque. I still don't feel happy about what happened and just want the peace of mind that I haven't been ripped off. Can a claim be re-opened even if a cheque has been cashed?

Any advice gratefully appreciated


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    Can a claim be re-opened even if a cheque has been cashed?

    There is a limited period you can appeal the amount. Although if you have evidence to show the amount is incorrect, they will likely re-open it without query. If you have no evidence the amount is incorrect and its over 6 months ago then they are likely to say its too late and your complaint is closed
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  • Thank you for that.It was less than 6 months ago but I wouldn't even know how to go about proving their offer was wrong
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    Give us a clue, a few details, what's a "relatively small offer"?

    Someone may be able to help/ give an opinion.
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    If you didn't agree with the offer, then you have the option to take it to the ombudsman.
    The depositing of a cheque (normally they just credit the account directly) does not affect your right to do so .... unless you formally accepted the offer as full and final settlement (but that does not appear to be the case here)

    However time limits do apply as mentioned.
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