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Starting a more indepth saving diary please ignore this.
Saving For A Deposit - £3430.38/£5000 (27/10/14)
52 Week Money Challenge - £28/£1378 (30/10/14)
20p Saver Challenge - £0.20
50p Saver Challenge - £0.50


  • Good luck! We're in the same boat - im 22 & saving to move out - so you have my sympathy & support :beer:
  • Good luck Helen, long time since I bought a house, but it's great when you get your own place, makes the savings worth while.

    I'm just the other side of the r:piver, at least we don't have to pay London prices
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    Where have you got your money? Putting it in a TSB or similar current account will get you 5% interest every month! Every little helps :)

    Have a look at the bank and budgeting forums for more ideas.
  • HLR93 wrote: »
    I now have £2956.92, the deposit i need is £5000

    Please don't think just because i'm 21 that i'm looking at life through rose tinted glasses /QUOTE]

    Perish the thought!

    BTW have you factored in buying costs of about £3000?
  • Hey babe. Just registered will be doing a money saving log so we can both keep an eye where we are upto! We need to get this house deposit asap! and my eBay need to kick start into gear aswell. :heart2: :) xxxxx
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    Great to hear your progress HLR93!!
    Good on you for being so determined to save for a house at such a young age - you'll be laughing when all your friends are still trying to scrape together deposits in their 30's!!

    I'm saving for a deposit too, but will need at least £30-40k as house prices down here are pretty steep (around £270-300k for a 2 bed flat!!)

    It'll be a long old road, but it's nice to read about how other people stay motivated and save!!

    I know you said you don't really want the hassle of moving banks, but i'd really urge you to look at what's out there in terms of high interest current accounts - it makes a big difference when your savings start mounting up!! You don't have to switch completely, you could easily have 2 accounts and do all the transfers etc. online... I find I'm far less tempted to spend when it's in my "savings" rather tan my current account!!

    Good luck with your mission!! I'll be along for the ride! :)
    "I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul"
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