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MSE News: This little piggy went to the energy market, but is Oink any good?

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Oink has today become the latest provider to join the energy market, but you can get cheaper tariffs elsewhere ...
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This little piggy went to the energy market, but is Oink any good?


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  • Nada666Nada666 Forumite
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    As it is effectively a standard tariff it would make sense to compare it with those tariffs and the cash payment option (not fixed direct debit). In my region no other supplier comes close - fixes start at over £1200, variables at over £1300.

    For those who want the variable monthly payment option it is a best of breed price, as far as I can see.
  • zerogzerog Forumite
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    Do they accept credit cards, and more importantly do they accept variable payment by credit cards?
  • Bark01Bark01 Forumite
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    "What is interesting, is the fact it will be insisting on monthly meter reads and will only charge you for what you use that month. Direct debits are the cause of many disgruntled people so it would be good to see other suppliers adopt this approach."

    All of the big six offer DD whole amount monthly tariffs.
  • Their national gas price is:
    Standing charge: 25p/day
    Unit charge: 3.99p/kWH


    I know that both Zog & Daligas will knock the pants off that no problem (both being cheaper for standing charge & unit price). Flow also did, but they have withdrawn their offering to new customers (again) with effect from 01 Sept 2014 ( - says they will be back again next year, probably after April I think)

    Electric is more complicated. But for me the standing charge is 23.9% more expensive than I am currently paying & their unit rates about 35% more (normal rate) and 5% more (low rate).

    So for me the answer is definitely NO!

    I suggest, as you do, that people consult a comparison site to find the best deal for them. Check out particularly separate suppliers for gas & electricity because currently that often is cheaper than most dual fuel deals available.
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    footyguyfootyguy Forumite
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    Nada666 wrote: »
    As it is effectively a standard tariff it would make sense to compare it with those tariffs and the cash payment option (not fixed direct debit). ....

    You sure about that? It says on their website this is a direct debit tariff.
    We think energy should be easy. Which is why Oink only has one online, direct debit tariff.

    It may not be fixed (I haven't checked) but unless you think prices are going to fall, why wouldn't you fix (if a fix is no more expensive).
    Sometimes a supplier (e.g. EDF) will allow you to switch from their fixed deals with no penalty anyway.

    Edit: Looks like it's not fixed (but is is a DD tariff)

    In particular, I don't like this term:
    4.3 Before or after the start of this Contract, we may
    assess your circumstances (for example, we will
    look at how likely we think you are able to pay our
    charges). Depending on the result of our assessment,
    we may charge different prices or ask you to pay in a
    certain way, to pay a security deposit or to use certain
    meter types (for example, a prepayment meter). We
    will base our decision on information that we hold
    about you or information you or a credit-reference
    agency give us.

    Seems to make a bit of a mockery of the previous quote from their front page.
    Still, no exit fees, I suppose

  • Nice to see a new entrant copying Utility Warehouse's long held practice of offering their customers the chance to pay for exactly the fuel they have consumed each month (although Oink take it further and seem to insist on a monthly meter read, good luck with that! :eek:). Shame they seem to be more expensive though (and don't send paper bills even as an option).

    Will be interesting to see how they go. But if I wa a betting man........
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