Cost of new fireplace?


I've just bought a new house, and need to renovate it. The fireplace is hideous! (it's real, not gas). Any idea how much it would cost to rip it out and get a new one installed? There isn't really a surround right now - it's just a square tiled box. Apparently the chimney is fine.



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    I was in a vaguely similar situation. I needed the full set up as did not have a chimney or fire place.
    When I got quotes for the whole setup - it came to around 10K.
    To break even with the cost of firewood - It would take around good decade!!!!
    I just dumped the idea.
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  • It depends on the type of flue you have and what type of fire you are looking for.

    I suspect by the sounds of your first post, you have a class 1 flue ( you have a chimney breast, chimney stack and pots on roof). If so, you are in the best position you can be, you can , in effect go for any type of fire.

    If you want a gas fire, then you shouldn't really have an issue. It really depends on what you want. An average price for a good 16'' inset gas fire is around £400-£500 , a set of marble as a back panel and hearth, say £250 and a wooden surround, maybe round £250. With fitting round £250 that makes it around £1250 all done. But it does depend on what you choose.

    I suggest going to your local, reputable fireplace showroom and speaking to them, they can offer the full service to you and work to a budget you want to spend. Buying off the internet, will only cause you grief. The fire has to suit the back panel and hearth, which need to suit the surround, which all of them have to suit the flue you have in your house. The chance of getting the rebates and cut outs to match yourself is near enough impossible.
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    You can easily pay 1200 to 1700 for the fire alone, alternatively an open grate, I wouldn't go that way personally, just a few hundred.
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  • Thanks for your replies - it seems there's massive variation - that's helpful in itself!
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    Did think about opening up the fireplace and looked at a log burner or a real fire, but again the quotes got very silly, yes came to thousands.
    I thought that a real fire would only be used Xmas eve and very few other times, plan got cancelled.
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    A gas fire will be cheaper for you to install, as well as buy and that is before buying seasoned wood.

    The chance of you needing the flue lined is slight, compared to almost compulsory with solid/wood burning stove/fire. So in effect, gas will be the cheapest option, for running It too.

    The prices I quoted are average pricing for the articles given. I own a fireplace shop and they are the sort of prices I would give.
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