Would these flights be covered?

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Since being caught up the ashcloud event in April 2010, I understand that we had more protection by flying on an EU airline to/from the USA than we would have on a US based airline (our experience being far better than friends/colleagues who were on AirNZ and various US based airlines flights).

But, if we were to book flights to the USA for example, with BA but it turns out to be on, for example, an AA plane (codeshare), would we have the EU protection in the event of a problem?
Do the flights just need to be booked with an EU based airline? Or does the flight have to be operated by them?

And conversely, if we booked with AA but the flight was on a BA plane?

I'm thinking mainly about the return leg, (as the outgoing leg would be protected as leaving from within the EU (yes?))
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    Your claim is with whover operated the flight - not who you booked through. So if you book though BA to travel NY to London and travel on American Airlines, you have no Regulation 261/04 protection. If you book through AA and end up traveling BA, you would.

    (And yes: it doesn't matter with whom you fly when leaving the EU - though in practical terms it may be harder to get compensation from non-UK airlines.)
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    You can check who the usual carrier is if you know the flight number/time etc - usually details are given on skyscanner search then you can cross check with flightaware site.
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