Inadequate Connection at Brussels

My journey from Manchester to Copenhagen was through-ticketed with with Brussels Airlines, but I missed a connecting flight at Brussels Airport because of delays with the transfer bus from the incoming flight and congestion in the terminal building. The result was that I arrived in Copenhagen 6 hours late and missed an important meeting.
To my knowledge, at least 3 passengers on the same incoming flight from Manchester missed their connections, because we were all in the same queue at the service desk.
Brussels Airlines has rejected my claim for compensation on the grounds that the incoming flight touched down on time, i.e. they claim it wasn't actually delayed in the literal sense, though I would claim that the ground transfer arrangements were their responsibility.
They stand by their assertion that 35 minutes is an adequate transfer time from gate to gate at Brussels, and have rejected my claim.
Does anyone have experience of this type of issue?


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    A quick google would suggest that the minimum tranfer time at Brussels is 50-60 mins. 35 sounds very tight, even for a small airport.
    As a thru ticket Brussels Airways are theoretically, still responsible for your delay if a bus was involved as they can claim damages from third parties.
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