Cheap family recipes website offline?

I used to use the website but the last time I went to visit it, it was offline. I've sent a message to lesleygcooper but haven't had an answer.

Does anyone know what's going on?

I decided to put it back online but the website isn't available so I registered and put it up there instead and uploaded it there.

Hope that's useful for someone. Happy to hear from anyone about it.


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    Someone on another thread posted a wayback machine link to the site. I've no idea who it was, or how long ago it was that they posted as I have been reading an awful lot of old threads getting ideas for a bit of a financial panic that we are currently in - but whoever it was, thank you!

    I've just tried the link above and it doesn't seem to be working?

    Anyway, I have the wayback link still open on a tab, so here it is for now if the link above still isn't working for anyone.

    Cheap Family Recipes Wayback Link
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  • Ah, just seen what has happened - I was copying the second link addy above that ends in org. rather than the first one that ends in


    Thanks so much for putting the site back up - whilst I've not been following the meal plan exactly, I have been using some of the recipes and it has been an amazing help.
    Jan NSD 4/15
    2015 Pay £7000 Off Debt No. 107 £566.51/£7000
  • OK cool - yeah that's where I found the site - in the wayback machine. Downloaded it and put it up. It was a bit more effort than I expected but glad it's back online now. :)
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    Just posting on Weezl74's behalf as she is offline.
    Unfortunately the ownership of the original address lapsed and someone else purchased it but is unwilling to relinquish it. :(
    As a result we all thought the site was dead.

    Well done for rebooting the site from a robot :T

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