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Anyone out there living in the back of beyond?

I am considering moving to a remote area, a farm in the middle of nowhere, accessed via a track and only by 4 x 4. Trying to put the romantic side of things out of my head, getting to the practicalities.

There is electricity, running water, oil heating, phone line. Limited broadband, no mobile signal, there is a neighbour about half a mile away. They get snowed in once or twice a year.

I am not in to socialising, cant remember when I last went out of an evening so I wont miss that side of things. Looking for advice from people who are doing it, or did it and didnt like it.


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    Have you ever lived in the country - in the winter?
  • I lived in a village, it was cut off for two days, but I could still walk to the shop.

    I know that there is a likelihood of being stranded for several days, or more if I move, I dont mind the thought of being stuck at home, I dont want to be stuck at work and unable to get home.
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    It's not just the physical problems of being cut off - people in remote areas have to rely on each other in difficult times - anything from bad weather to health emergencies. If you want to become a hermit and not interact with other people and join in community events, you really will be on your own when things go wrong for you.
  • oh I dont intend to be a hermit, when I say I dont socialise I mean I dont need to go to the pub/cinema/clubs. I intend to befriend the neighbours and get to know people in the area.

    Getting any sort of tradesman to the house will be an issue, moving day will be a nightmare, cant fit too much in a 4x4:(
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    gaaaahhhh - bloody septic tanks, icy farm tracks, tradesmen who can't get up said icy farm tracks and charge top dollar when they do, howling gales because there's no trees for miles, skidding on muddy or cow plonky roads, getting stuck behind tractors and trailers and cows forever.
    Apart from that it was quite nice.
    .................:)....I'm smiling because I have no idea what's going on ...:)
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    Are you one of these who wants to opt out by living in Wales?
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    Words, words, they're all we have to go by!.

    (Pity they are mangled by this autocorrect!)
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    If only a 4x4 can get up the track, how does the oil get delivered and if there's a cesspit, that will need emptying by tanker too?

    I live just outside a village and we do get stuck in sometimes. It is nice not to have loads of other houses around though!

    Powercuts are fairly frequent here, so it's an idea to have a camping stove so that you can still cook and have hot water.

    Another thing we find is that delivery drivers often can't find us, which can be a pain if they don't bother to ring for directions.
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