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Hi, hoping I can get some help/advice, as I'm struggling to know what to do.
I have been in touch on several occasions to my bank regarding charges on my account. I am currently only receiving tax credit and ESA payments in my account (currently on lifestyle break through illness). Over the past 3mths I have incurred at least £400 if not more (too afraid to add it all up) in charges on my account. When I first contacted them, they gave me £90 back from £160 of charges, only to then add more and more charges. When I explained to them that by doing this, they were putting me in a vicious circle, there reply was they have already made one reversal. I a have now incurred so many charges that numerous bills have not been paid and then incurring charges on them too. My head is spinning I don't know where/what to do next??!!
I've been thinking of getting an account where bills are in one part and what's left goes on a pre-paid MasterCard.
Any thoughts, pretty please, fellow forum peeps??!!
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