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I started using the vinted app last month, great I thought a nice easy platform to sell my item.

that was until I en counted a problem.

I sent my item recorded delivery, all items must be sent via recorded delivery on vinted. the item tracks as delivered and vinted release the funds.

A few days later i notice my vinted account is low and vinted has suspended the payment - no explanation or contact from vinted. I email them and no response.

I mesage the buyer who informs me she hasnt actually received it, then changes her story to say that she sent it to her nans and doesnt know if shes received it.

Vinted then reply stating that as the buyer has said that the item has not been received I can not have my money... i can prove its been sent and signed for.

vinted keep blocking my forum threads on their website as they dont want this getting out.

there email replies just ask me to respond if ive not heard back within 24 hours, when i reply I get hte same message back.

PLEASE AVOID VINTED they are worse than ebay for seller protection as not even recorded delivery protects you.


  • Thank you for the heads up on this. To be honest I think the fact everything is sent recorded puts people off as it hikes the postage costs up, and as you've said recorded delivery apparently counts for nothing! Have you tried depop? I've sold alot of things on there, bought a few aswell, however some haven't turned up and i'm panicking now :o
  • I've been looking into that site as I have so much to sell. I also use depop and shpock - both apps and haven't had a problem with either of them so far. Thanks for the heads up on vinted :)
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