Amazon Mastercard Closed - Now what? MBNA Rewards, AMEX or Nectar?

Hello all,

I currently use an Amazon Mastercard which is soon to be converted to a regular MBNA card due to their association with coming to an end. I used the Amazon card for most of my purchases as I shop on Amazon a lot.

I also have an (old) Amex Platinum Cashback Card which has no monthly fee but a cash back rate of 0.5% up to £3500 per year (1% for purchases between £3500 and £10 000, and 1.5% for purchases over £10k). I have to reach a threshold of £25 to get the cash back each year.

Now that I will no longer be using the Amazon Credit Card I am trying to find an alternative. My options at the moment are:
  • AMEX Platinum Cashback Card - Convert my current card to the new card with the £25 fee and get 1.25% cashback.
  • AMEX Platinum Everyday Cashback Card - Change my current AMEX to this and get a lower cashback rate without the yearly fee.
  • AMEX Nectar Card - Apply for this card and earn my rewards in Nectar points (which I use). This card has a £25 per year fee.
  • Sainsbury's Credit Card - Mastercard but with incentive of earning Nectar Points.
  • MBNA More Rewards Credit Card(s) - the dual card account which will give me an AMEX and Mastercard and reward points. I'm not sure where you can spend the rewards points and I can't seem to find a list online. If they could be spent in supermarkets that would be a plus.

I would be very interested to hear your opinions. I clear my card every month with a direct debit. I would be interested in knowing more about the MBNA card if anyone uses this and where you can spend the points?

Many thanks in advance! :)
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  • guygamps
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    I also am looking at options, I used to use my MBNA card, I put about 20,000£ per year travel expenses through the card and complained to MBNA that I dont get any benefit. They suggested I get an Amazon card, which I did in January, I get a £10 Amazon voucher for every £1000 I spend, i;'ve done quite nicely out of it. but now they are pushing me back to MBNA which is where i started. So looking for a card that gives me some benefit similar, according to MSE the best card for cash benefit is now M & S, but it is half the benefit I have been getting from Amazon CC.

  • McCreary
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    I was quite interested in the MBNA More Rewards option but would really like to see a list of the 'rewards' which are available!
    'The journey home, is never too far...'

    'Wasting money is an insult to people who don't have any'

    Reducing my spending, one month at a time...
  • SW17
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    Also been looking at options, fairly thin on the ground. In addition to those you mention, others I've seen around are:

    > John Lewis Partnership card (MasterCard) - cash back paid in JL/Waitrose vouchers. Pays an effective 1% on all JL/Waitrose spend, 0.5% on spend with other retailers. No annual fee.

    > Capital One have a couple of options. The Aspire Elite card offers 5% for first 3 months (max £200 cashback in this period), then 1% for annual spend up to 15k, 2% on the next 35k annual spend, 1.35% on spend above 50k. BUT, there is £120 annual fee on this card. Their other option is the classic extra card, which pays 0.5% on everything plus £10 per year if all your payments are on time. Really designed for people trying to build up a credit history, and has v high interest rate, would only advise if you are paying full balance monthly.

    > Santander 123 card, cashback % varies from 1-3% and is limited to certain retailers, also a £24 annual fee if you don't have a 123 current account with them. They don't exactly have a glowing customer service reputation either...

    Also looked at Sainsburys Nectar rewards card, but effective cashback % outside purchases from Sainsburys looks very low.

    Am probably going to wait a month or two to see if Amazon launches their own product or something with another partner, naturally the letter from MBNA makes no mention of this possibility...

    Hope this helps. I'm new to MSE forums, would appreciate a Thanks click if you think this is useful info.
  • GadgetGuru
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    I may consider the Tesco card - lots to be had by exchanging points and club card tokens via their 'Boost' offers.....
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