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3 Months Gourmet Society Card for £1



  • We did have one of these but unless you use these sorts of restaurants all the time it is not very likely you will really end up saving with this card. If you have the £1 offer unless you are very well organised and cancel it properly you get charged and it is really just a lot more hassle than it is worth.
  • I got a years membership with my AA membership and it cost £1. I will keep an eye out for the renewal though now I have seen this.

    We have used it quite a number of times and have made considerable savings with it, but I agree it is best for eating out mid week.
  • Hi all

    I had the £1 offer as an AA member, i received my renewal e-mail in April 2015 and have been given another offer of £24.95 for the year. :T
    On the website the single subscription is costed at £69.99!!

    Personally we've used it at a local few places, most recently on the previous bank holiday at a lovely up market Italian in st pauls square, Birmingham receiving 2for1 on meals (a £10 discount off a £60 bill), so technically my year subscription has hopefully paid off. Just be savy to check out the conditions for the offers, if your into chains then this card/app isn't for you either, its more local businesses.

    If you've got a smart phone, get the app its great for locating places that accept the card nearby!

    Holly x:
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