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MSE Blog: How I put my consumer rights to use

in Consumer rights
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"My budget Android smartphone has been on the blink recently, and as my Sim-only contract comes to an end soon, I decided to look around for a new phone..."

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How I put my consumer rights to use

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  • HerbalusHerbalus Forumite
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    I rang Orange – my existing provider – to see if it could match a good deal I’d found with Tesco Mobile. It couldn’t, so while on the phone I ‘upgraded’ to EE and took out a price plan that cost more, and had fewer inclusive allowances than the deal I’d found with Tesco Mobile.

    MSE Sam, psst! Remember who you work for - switching to better deals is one of the things you frequently advise!

    Good job on having your wits about you to cancel, but it might be better to not tell people about this side of things....!
  • OlliesDadOlliesDad Forumite
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    Previously, under the DSRs, you wouldn't be covered if you had tried out the product in a shop prior to ordering. Has this now changed with the CCRs?

    I know that the retailer would struggle to ever prove that you had been in a shop to try it, but I was more just curious about the actual legal view on this.
  • bod1467bod1467
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    Do the CCRs allow cancellations where the service has already started? (Under the old DSRs such situations were excluded from the automatic right to cancel). Or is this something that EE have offered in addition to statutory rights?
  • How poor is that article from your intern?
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