• I have just applied for the cashback on a camera - got an acknowledgement email "Cashback Registration Confirmation" and then a few moments later a message "Undeliverable The recipient's mailbox is full and can't accept messages now" - so presumably they haven't got my claim at all, and now I have to find away around their system before the expiry date and before I lose my claim!
  • Im sorry to say it looks like i was not alone in this debacle, reading your stories. I gave up in the end, it was costing me more in correspondence than the cash back, which according to sony.. the cashback offer is considered. Their entire approach has put me right off buying another camera form them, even a tv? i have since purchased a new fuji camera, which has £100 cashback, no hassle... simply input all your details securely online, then fill in a proforma with just camera details, therefore your not sending personal sensitive info through the post ( SONY ARE YOU READING). just makes your blood boil to think how much money they know they dont have to pay out.:mad:
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    Hi, I had exactly the same problem as most of you.
    Now happily resolved.
    I sent a cashback request form online around 14th November, received "mailbox full" reply.
    I then phoned sony, to get a callback in the evening almost a week later.
    I asked the man to email me what he said, and have replied to the email with a receipt attached. I received an email to confirm the cashback on 11th December, and money was in my account on 12th December.

    And then today, they completely upset me- I got this message 2 weeks after receiving my cashback:

    'Dear Ms.........

    Thank you for calling Sony support.

    As per our conversation, we have some updates regarding your cash back escalation, kindly make sure to put the model as " ............ " also make sure to use a PC or a laptop while registering as a tablet will not work.
    If still the same issue kindly reply with a screenshot of the error.

    Should you have any further questions, please feel free to reply to this email.

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Their departments clearly do not communicate with each other.
  • The whole thing is an absolute farce and Sony should be utterly ashamed of this debacle.

    I submitted my claim on 27th August 2014, have made 4 telephone calls to the helpline, have been promise action and payment, yet NOTHING!

    Someone at the top of Sony's "marketing" ought to be hung out to dry.
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    I bought a camera from John Lewis in August with a £40 cashback offer. Sent off the relevant receipt and european guarantee straight away. Got them returned 2-3 months ago and not heard anything since. It's ridiculous.
    I bought a Sony tv before I bought the camera but if this had happened before I doubt i'd have bought a Sony tv.

    As someone else has said, i'm more cheesed off than I would've been if it hadn't been offered at all. I'm happy with the products but this has put me off.
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    Dont know the terms of this cashback but i do know that others have failed with the correct procedure on cashback offers .Check what you are supposed to do to claim .
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