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SONY Cashback help

I recently bought a Sony Camera online through Jessops, and the camera is offered with a £50 cashback. to my dismay, unlike Canon, whom i've had no problem with before, Sony's cashback is an application form. However, i mights as well just put my card number and pin online with the info they want. The require, name, address, date of birth, email, phone, bank card numer, account number, sort code, and my signature......then to send it through the post?? truthfully ..is it me, but i honestly think its a perfect opportunity for identity fraud, if it gets lost in transit. just keep getting pushed about between jessops and european Sony customer service. :(

any advice gratefully accepted


  • GeenyWeeny
    I completely agree with you. I purchased a Nikon SLR and a Sony compact within 4 months. With Nikon it was all done online/via email and i got the pre-paid visa cashback in 2 weeks.

    With Sony, straight away they're making it as difficult as possible to apply, filled in pen, through the post, wait 28 days (28 working days?) You have to send the original receipt and European guarantee!.

    In the small print it says proof of purchase is not proof of receipt - so i sent it recorded delivery (£1.75). They signed for it on 24th July.

    I called them just to make sure i was on their system for processing, got a no. Called back again 2 days later, got a yes but there is a problem with the serial number I provided them. Was told today they haven't rectified it and they might get it sorted next week.

    The cashback offer certainly was not the reason i bought this particular camera, just a perk which i'm claiming. Now, out of principle i will not let them win. There must be so many people who just give up this free cash!
  • G.Davies
    G.Davies Posts: 27 Forumite
    I called Jessops, they gave me Sony Privacy email, 3 weeks now and no reply despite repeated nudges.!! I have been told they have no control over the casback offer, as it's done by an external agency....load of tosh..! I too don't wanna let them win, but struggling for alternatives. cheers for feedback.:mad:
  • andrew-bowers
    With Sony, straight away they're making it as difficult as possible to apply

    Couldn't agree more, had to really fight for mine!
    Stay clear
  • G.Davies
    G.Davies Posts: 27 Forumite
    Thanks for your response. I have emailed again, but to no avail, problem is there doesnt seem to be a complaints progression system, as its all eu based and unfortunately all offshore customer services with little or no english vocabulary.:(
  • Buzby
    Buzby Posts: 8,275 Forumite
    The DoB is used as a verified to confirm the gift debit card recipient is the correct one. They SAY it is to comply with money laundering rules but this is nonsense. I got my card, activated it using my fake DoB and all was well.
  • Julia
    Julia Posts: 7 Forumite
    My cashback was signed for 21/08/14, nothing received (no £, no letter, no email) by 14/10/14. Sent 2 web contact forms and 3 emails, finally spoke to someone on the phone today (not a free phone number) who told me the delay is 2.5 - 3 months in processing cashback claims. Very disappointed - appalling customer service.
  • lisyloo
    lisyloo Posts: 29,708 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Anniversary First Post
    I applied in May.
    The one I applied for was £50 to the bank account not a gift card.
    Apparently they made a payment on 8th September which failed in informatics (presumably some software).
    They made another payment on 30th September which they said might take 10 working days. I've not received it yet.

    No way should making a payment take this long, it's a joke.

    The staff on the phone have been nice.
    I've been patient IMO making only about 1 phone call a month but I've made about 6 phone calls so far so it's really annoying.
    I can do faster payments overnight so this is willful IMO.
  • wordsmith1327
    I bought a camera in August and have been chasing Sony for the cashback (£40 into my bank account). After several phone calls and I was given another phone number to contact - (dialing code is 01204 ). they couldn't check my claim and asked me to ring back on 20th November to check progress. I was told they are several months behind.
    I feel like I'm being fobbed off in the hope that I will eventually give up. However £40 is lot of money to me notwithstanding the principal involved. I can't believe how poorly this is being dealt with by Sony.

    If there is any other route to getting this resolved can someone let me know!
  • eRach
    I have a similar problem - I applied in July, chased for an update in late September and they told me that Sony had not sent through the correct serial numbers so they were still processing.

    Today I got an email saying that they have denied my claim due to an invalid serial number and although they claim to be open until 5pm their 01204 line was closed at 4pm (moving to GMT is a basic consideration for a UK claim line).

    Can't seem to find any other way to contact them.
  • lisyloo
    lisyloo Posts: 29,708 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Anniversary First Post
    I received my cash back late October after applying late May so 6 months.
    From a marketing point of view they are shooting themselves in the foot as I'm less happy than if they'd never offered it in the first place.
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