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Shopping for a newborn- help!

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    amalis wrote: »
    Oh, so "newborn" and "first size" are different? I was hoping its just different jargon in different companies

    You need to look at the weight on the label. I had newborn items from two different brands and they differed significantly on the weight they went up to.
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    amalis wrote: »
    Oh, so "newborn" and "first size" are different? I was hoping its just different jargon in different companies

    it gets worse..
    tiny baby, early baby,
    newborn, first size, upto 1 month

    i was mega organised with baby 1, by time she was born i had everything i needed up untill 6 months (clothes wise anyways) i love baby clothes shopping and just keep buying, im still like it now.

    i buy lots of second hand clothes, and i am now trying to sell ALL of baby 2's clothes from tiny baby up to 9-12 months, so technically i can sell someone all the girls clothes they will need upto a year old! you often find bundles on ebay, its brilliant.

    if you ever want to chat or as anything feel free to message me :) i love talking baby.
  • I would suggest buying a couple of packs each of 0-3m and whatever the size below that is (different terms can exist between brands!). My DD was 6lb 6oz when she was born but my Dad was sent to the shops for 5.5lb baby clothes and they fit her for a few weeks before the "newborn" stuff did. If you want to keep receipts so you can change things then you might want to wait until closer to your due date (many shops have 28 day return policies).

    Have you any mummy friends who would be happy to pass on their preloved baby clothes? They are in them for such a short period of time, and some babies go through several changes a day, there's really no need for everything to be brand new.

    You don't need many toiletries for the first few weeks - a bath of water is just fine for a newborn, maybe a gentle baby soap after that. Bepanthen is handy to have, although you often get free samples of those in the Bounty packs.

    I get more use out my muslin squares now that I have two children rather than babies (they didn't seem to make much mess as babies!). It's worth getting a couple of packs, but some nice cheap tea-towels will do the exact same job.

    If you plan to breastfeed, ask in the hospital for a sample of Lansinoh when you've had the baby - the tiny tube lasts quite a while and you can get it on prescription from your doctor after the birth. If you are formula feeding, you'll need 6-8 bottles, bottle brush and a method of sterilising.

    baby baths are not as essential as baby shops would have you think. They can be awkward to fill and empty, and can get spilled easily... the sink, lined with a towel, is fine! Or in the bath with you or Daddy (although I'm assuming you have a partner as it feels safer having another adult on hand while you get in and out). I wouldn't buy those "hooded baby towels" again. I'd just get some nice, fluffy, larger towels. Get a small variety of blankets do you can layer up when needed (a folded blanket counts as two layers). Duvets should not be used on babies under one as they can get too hot.

    To begin with you don't need much - for the first week at least Baby just needs fed, changed and cuddled :) you can get nappies and everything else delivered to your door, there's unlikely to be any sort of emergency. Good luck and have fun shopping!

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