fell in the gutter but ready to bounce back



  • Tried not to think of my demons today. Newyear new start I guess. Will attack the debts, prioritise my life in order of
    House move
    Attack all unwanted debts

    Next years focus.. get rid of credit cards, lose weight.
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    Keep posting too. Sometimes it's knowing that I'd have to confess on here that keeps some focus.
    Mortgage at 01.01.14 £119,481.83:eek: today £49999.60 Offset fund today 3178.03 0
    Emergency fund £5.5/5.5k & £200/200 cash.:j
    Weight 24/02/19 14st 7lb now 12 st 13lb
    determined to stop defining myself by my mistakes.
    Progress not perfection.:T
  • Thankyou.. yes I used to post daily, it kept me motorvated to carry on. This last year has been evil, I lost myself as well as the road to debt recovery. I am probably worse off now, this coming year I am taking hold of myself and will get myself back on track. Post daily and continue to look for bargins.
    Having a new life to start when we eventually exchange contracts on our house.
    A new beginning, a healthier place to live, so time to get my debts gone.
  • A few positive actions for today.

    Wash the clothes.
    Strip both double beds
    Remake both beds
    Lounge, kitchen & bathroom
    Finish wrapping xmas gifts
    Visit brother & wife
    Freeze veg.
    Make a list what else is needed for xmas
    Buy new money boxes ready for Jan
    Find a calandar for the two of us.
    Get a new diary for payments made.
    Send acceptance letter for new job

    Will tick off all that got completed later today.
  • Boxing Day.

    Up early due to d hubby at work. Had a lovely yet peaceful day yesterday..
    Was spoilt by my family...

    Items of interest ( which I asked for)

    Walking boots
    Mountaineering jacket.

    Got socks to and a back pack

    So guess what my new hobby is going to be.

    Having thoughts on how to reduce my debts in this coming year, also how to
    Pay for xmas next year,
    xtra grandchildren on the way too.

    Will be getting a new diary for myself, one for the bills too.
    Money boxes for the different aspects of my budgeting
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    Xmas Saver!
    Glad to see you back, sorry to hear been a end of yr roller coaster but as you say new year new start, that's def going to be the thought for me have to say while had some amazing highlights in 2014, took my daughter to Goa but she fell ill and was nearly in hospital, Tunisia was amazing as always, then my dad got cancer, and last few months to be honest don't know where they have gone, fell off debt free wagon, just holding on by fingernails...

    Like you onwards and upwards, with you saying about saving for Xmas , I do a santas challenge thread, it's getting organised for bdays, Xmas, as well as chatting about life, families, ups and down and a friendly natter, pop across anytime were due to start2015 mid jan but still 2014 running which starts off with 2015 planning cxxx
    xx rip dad... we had our ups and downs but we’re always be family xx
  • Thankyou mum2one.

    its nice to know I have friends out there....

    this xmas has been lovely and I have truly been spoilt but I know where I have to focus now... as well as my own failing health.. this year has took its toll.. roll on Thurday.. Newyear new start new life..
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