fell in the gutter but ready to bounce back



  • Hi mum2one. Have previously joined those two sights but always get confused with this delete cookies, thingy. Delete cookies to me means eat all the buscuits from the buscuit tin... but I might go back and give it ago. Many thanks.
  • Day 18/31.

    Monday.. yay the start of a new week.

    Well off out this morning to the village, have a good rumage through charity shops, see if there's anything I can buy to sell on... if I can double my money this week it will be a positive. My money is 10.00 this week.. will let you know how I get on..

    Still looking for a piece of furniture, to refurbish.. will look out for this today. Hobby for winter..

    Tonights lamb dinner smell gorgeous, can't wait. Need to pick up gravey granuals.

    Looked at my ebay, there's a bid on one of my items, its not much but it will help in the long run.

    Anyway time to get myself sorted, meeting a friend for coffee later toda, and a parcel for ebay sale to post,,, catch you all later.. x
  • Day 18/31

    Odd day, bought 1.5kg bag of carrots for 70p bargin, peeled and frozen now in the freezer.

    Bought a item to resell, cost me 2.49 want to double my money, my challenge,

    Now have 25 items on ebay, one has a bid on, 3 have watchers.

    Lamb was nice for tea,
  • Day 19/31

    Hello there mse world. The day started good and money added to my saving pot, this pot will go towards my bills at the end of the month.

    Today I bought 2 x brocolli at 39 p each. Washed and cut up, blanched and frozen into 5 servings, that's a 15p serving... I'm begining to like this bargin hunting. Didn't take me too long to prepair for the freezer either.

    Ebay, still 24 items listed. One has a bid on and some are being watched so will be adding more at the weekend, as I really need to down size this house.
  • Day 20/31

    Good day for me... found a bargin bag of carrots knocked down at the superstore. peeled and froze. went across to the store to get some teabags later and got a better bargin on carrots so got another bag and a bag of potatoes too. so peeled and froze yet the second bag... lol... at least we will see in the dark if the electric gets cut off .

    Had a chance meeting today with a gentleman who wants some cleaning doing a few times a week, so off I went to see him today.. I hope it goes well. will see him on Friday..

    busy day tomorrow.. speak to the mse world tomorrow..
  • Day 21/31
    Well been to see my little lady and man I look after once a week today, love going and it really doesn't feel like a job. Getting paid and enjoying spending time with them.
    Been busy this afternoon ironing.. I quite like ironing. Theraputic..
    No bargins today. Haven't been to the superstore. Maybe nip in tomorrow.

    Ebay very slow. Still only one bid on one item, yet a lot of watches. Most things finish Sunday so I'll be busy this weekend relisting I guess.
  • Day 22/31

    One ebay sale but nothing to sing and dance about. Most items ending Sunday..

    No bargins today from the superstore,,

    Will start my painting tomorrow, give me something to do.
  • Day 24/31

    Well one more item sold yesterday from ebay, a few items on ebay finish today, so will check in again later, posted yesterdays ebay item yesterday as soon as I knew. Keeping up good relations with my ebay world.

    Supermarket bargins yesterday, chicken from £4 to £1.90 so bought 2. Haha had chicken and chips for tea...

    To top it today... the sun is out today... let's all have a nice Sunday mse people xx
  • Day 24/31
    £10.00 to add to ebay sales' not bad for a load of things we was going to throw out. Have relisted aload of items and added some more too. My two doulble the price items have been looked at but no bids, maybe I've put them on too high,
  • Day 25/31.

    Well have decided to start making winter plans,

    Get some blankets me think. Ready for when the nights get cold.
    Pick myself up a water bottle because only myside of the bed is aloud to get warm.

    Need wellies for snow days, hat and gloves. Got plenty of scarfs,

    Will start making some warm foods, for the freezer..
    Also find a couple of things to interest me on those long dark winter nights.

    Also want to start weekend walking, getting out and about more.. will report this as I go along.
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