MoneySaving Poll: Who are the best and worst train operators?

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Poll started 22 July 2014

Train operators: who are the best and worst?

We can tell you how to save the most from Cheap Train Tickets, but to find out if they're any good, we need your help.

Taking into account your whole experience - price, speed, reliability, comfort and service - please rate the operators you've used regularly over the past YEAR.

Did you vote? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below. To see the results from last time, click this.

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  • mattytunmattytun Forumite
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    No railways in my neck of the woods yet Dr Beeching took it away 40 year ago....:mad:
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  • Indie_KidIndie_Kid Forumite
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    Only really used cross country and first great western. Both can be awful. CC is never on time. Not good when it's late at night. :mad:
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  • pawsiespawsies Forumite
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    Northern rail are abysmal.

    Outdated trains that are usually late.
  • ManAtHomeManAtHome Forumite
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    I use Transpennine to get to/from Manchester Airport - generally very good (GREAT in mse-land) as I normally travel off-peak. A couple of friends commute and are less complimentary - maybe need 2 polls..?
  • Former_MSE_AndreaFormer_MSE_Andrea Forum Manager Former MSE
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    I use London Midland and Virgin both into London. London Midland's OK, Virgin's pretty good.

    Get delayed now and then but to be fair often it's not the train operators' fault.
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  • MothballsWalletMothballsWallet Forumite
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    I remember using Virgin and Silverlink (London Midland's predecessor) to commute to Milton Keynes/Bletchley - now that was a real pain at times.

    Have spent much better journeys on Russian trains (sleepers and Sapsan), and quite a few other European networks.
  • I use the train a lot; virgin, london midland and cross country. I also use the 'london midland city' trains too.
    I'd rank them;
    1) Virgin Trains- very good
    2) Cross Country Trains- good
    3) London Midland (to London) Good
    4) London Midland City (Okay)
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  • TigsteroonieTigsteroonie Forumite
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    I find it hard to believe that 11% (as I write) of respondents class Northern Rail as 'great' :eek: Are they on the same trains as me? Because mine are abysmal, old trains, heating stuck on (even in this heat), standing room only if you are lucky - and if they cancel a commuter train then prepare to be seriously squashed.

    I travelled on a Southeastern High Speed Javelin yesterday. It was bliss. Modern, comfortable, fast. That is how trains should be.

    eta. PS to MSE Andrea - sometimes delays are the fault of the TOC, sometimes they are the fault of over-running but necessary NR engineering work; and sometimes they are caused by stupid members of the public (but NR take the penalty for those).
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  • MsVictoriaMsVictoria Forumite
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    Are MSE going to do anything with these results? It's pretty iobvious that Abellio are by far the worst performing operator.
  • JKM73JKM73 Forumite
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    I don't know how First Great Western came off so well - I have used their abysmal service twice a day for 5 years. They are regularly voted as operating a poor service on several of the most over-used commuter lines into London.

    I have yet to go a day in July where I have not been delayed.
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