Neat writing on a curved surface?

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How have I never found this part of the forum before?! Very excited!

Does anyone have any suggestions for me, I'm looking to put text onto miniature terracotta plant pots, I have bought some paint pens but I'm worried just trying to write freehand is going to be messy. They're too small to realistically create a stencil for the text. They're thank you gifts for the nurses in my son's nicu so I really want them to look smart. Does anyone have any ideas? I'll post a picture when they're done since everyone loves a finished project.
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    Could you get one of those small label printer things? I'm not sure what else you could do except practise
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    As a signwriter what we used to do was write out the letters onto paper, after writing over the letters with a ballpoint pen chalk the BACK of the lettering then draw over with a sharp pencil or ballpoint pen transferring the outline onto the pots If you only do the outline you can then fill in the letters with paint.
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    A little wobble here or there is part of the handmade charm of an item in my opinion.
    Just do your best , don't stress, it's the love and thought gone into it that counts.
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