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I know I've asked this question twice already but help!



  • jenhugjenhug Forumite
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    have a wish wall instead of a wish tree
  • UnlikelyButTrueUnlikelyButTrue Forumite
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    or envelopes with little cards inside that people can take and write you a note or some wishes or wedding advice?. then you could open them on your honeymoon / first anniversary?
    ... and whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should ...
  • How about wall stickers? You'll be able to peel them right off afterwards.
    If you search the term on Ebay or Amazon there's tonnes of different options. Cheap too.

    You can also get 3D ones- I like the butterflies (search 'butterfly wall stickers' on Ebay).
    I'm sure there's something there to match your theme.
  • krustylouisekrustylouise Forumite
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    Hi all,

    Thank you so much for all your replies and suggestions. I have decided to get "just married" hessian bunting, drape that on it, make some ivory coloured flower pom poms out of tissue paper, of various sizes, suspend this from monofilament and drape this along the length of the screens, also some warm white fairy lights along the top.

    I'm hoping the hessian and ivory will compliment the brown screens!

    Thanks again x

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    Close to where I live there is £1 fabric shop...

    he sells cheap lining fabric at £1 a yard - or £1.10 a metre - not the classiest of fabric for dress making but to stick through a load of pins it would be perfect...

    have a look round in the dodgy market stall in your area...

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