What to do with unwanted Vinyl

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    I recently sold off my LPs on eBay.

    I only listed the ones in the very best condition on an individual basis, and most of the 1980's ones that I listed only sold for a couple of pounds, if I was lucky.

    In retrospect it was more trouble than it was worth.

    Night Owl and No Parlez were ones that I tried to sell, I couldn't get rid of them for love nor money, so I put them into bulk lots.

    I did bulk lots of about 25 - 30 records, and they sold for between £5 to £20.

    I've got about 100' less interesting records left, they are going to charity, as I've had enough now.

    To much effort for too little return
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    Sold 30 Albums for £25 to a local independent record shop - which has to be better than taking them to the tip !!
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    E-bay sold about 30 of mine. Net profit around £100 :)
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    Also try Gumtree. I'm after vinyl and scour Gumtree regularly for people selling. However I notice that a few people post 'professional collector' type ads (whatever a professional collector is!) asking for people to contact them for prices on their unwanted vinyl.

    There will be people like me who are rediscovering vinyl who'd be happy to buy them.
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    Discogs is great.

    No fee for listing, 8% for sale.
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