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My son and I have annual merlin passes. I want to go to the Legoland discovery centre when I visit mum and dad in a few weeks. If u book online the prices start at £9.95 but if I get the Kellogg's 2 for 1 it would probably work out cheaper. What I am a bit confused with is the prices.

I looked online and the £9.95 price is a from price. If we wanted to go at 10.30 it would cost £27. U only get a ticket at £9.95 if u want to go at 4pm.

Do they do something similar with the at the gate price. It says that gate price is £16.95.



  • Hi

    Merlin pass holders go in free.

    At some Merlin attractions friends and relatives without passes get a discounted rate. Ring ahead to the Trafford Centre and ask there.
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    From what I recall, the gate price is the one the Kellogs vouchers are for, not online bookings, so you'd save a couple of pounds by using one. However, they do a midweek parent and toddler price for £12 so that maybe better value depending on when you are coming and who with. Not sure if the people you are coming with get a discount as you have an annual pass, but if they did, i suspect the Kelloggs vouchers would not be valid.

    A word of caution - the Discovery Centre is quite small and we always found a couple of hours was enough. It's not really a day out. Last thing is the best time to go as it's much quieter. Can be unbearably busy and very hot in there at peak times.

    Finally - don't get suckered into the 10% off for annual pass holders in the shop, unless you are sure it's a good deal. Most stuff can be got on Amazon etc cheaper, even with your Merlin discount.
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    Both my son and I have merlin passes. It's just that my mum and dad want to come with us and they haven't. We are hoping to go during the week but could be summer hols so probably busier than normal. That saying about going later. Do u think it would be better to go about 2pm then have the last few hours in there.
  • I would echo the comment from before, it's not a massive place and I would say kids older than about 7 would probably get pretty bored pretty quickly.

    When I went recently it was £25 on the door per person. The alternative which we did was to book online and go early, then we came out around 12 and went for lunch elsewhere...
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    We went to the Trafford Centre to shop with the intention of doing the Discovery Centre when we had finished.

    My DS9 was thoroughly unimpressed by most of it - it is geared up to very young children who will spend most of their time in a soft play area or building some lego vehicles to role down a ramp.

    We had Merlin Passes so not a big deal, but i'd really not recommend it to paying customers and certainly not at those prices.
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