Just looking for a bit of advice. Hope someone can help me out.

Basically there is a restructure at work going on which we found out about yesterday.

There's going to be a closed pool selection to cut the staff down.

The way our pay structure is at work is that there are staff on NPR1A-C & NPR1D-E.

They told us yesterday that all fixed term contracts and any permanent staff on NPR1A-C are not being considered for the closed pool and will be displaced. So no redundancy etc.

We asked the question why we aren't being considered for the closed pool selection (All roles for the closed pool selection will be NPR1D-E) and was told there is a difference in job roles between staff on NPR1A-C & NPR1D-E. News to us, and where told that the difference is we are not as skilled as those on the NPR1D-E and our skillset only includes 30% of what a NPR1D-E do on a daily basis.

We do the exact same tasks, I do more than most people in the company for less money. Do exactly the same work and more. I do independent reporting and train staff up.

Is there a case here at all?

Another point is that the managers (They are on NPR2A's) are being put into the closed pool for jobs that are going to be NRP3A-B pay grade so a significant pay increase. Why are they eligible to jump up grades and we are not?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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