MSE News: Are you a Swinton Insurance customer? Beware its 'pre-renewal' deposit



  • I've been with Swinton on and off over the last 5 years. I've always emailed or used facebook to cancel auto renewal. Every time I've done that, they have not sent any renewal letter, which I would need for proof of no claims. I've then had to ask them at least twice for this, it's been hassle every time.

    However I do find comfort in being able to go to the branch locally, to kick up a fuss where needed. I've also been through the insurance ombudsman with them and received compensation.

    However I think they are probably no better or worse than most insurers, I view them all as snidey deceptive con-men by default. Misery every year - unless you pay 2x as much come renewal.
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    It may be in the terms & conditions. But its clearly unfair. My renewal letter was dated 18th September, but the payment had already gone. Seriously !!!!ed off that they do this, and that they don't offer their best deal.
    "Its' to benefit our customers" Sloblocks. If it was to benefit your customers, then you'd give them the best deal without them having to phone during office hours.
    Can I charge them for my time at my consultancy rate for the time I'm going to have to spend getting it into their money grabbing skulls? I feel a bit sorry for the lass in the Kendal office tomorrow, as its not her fault the company is run by a load of thieving toerags.

    Bunch of crooks, shysters & spivs in the money markets. We should have let the !!!!!!!s burn in 2008 and get the economy back based on MAKING things, not moving around pretend money. :mad:

    Yes, I've had a bad day and this just topped it all off.
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    I read this article with interest. I have been with Swinton for a few yes as quote has been competative. I have always requested they do not take the pre renewal deposit as it irritated me but last year allowed the cover to run on and the deposit to be taken as I had other things going on. I have just received my renewal quote for this year and have four issues that were not picked up on in the main article:

    1: Swinton insist on quoting a monthly repayment amount rather than the total cost. I had this on the phone before and I could not get them to tell me the total amount; they insisted on quoting the monthly repayment. The renewal deposit brings this figure down so makes them appear more competitive than they are. Feels sneaky.

    2: they provide a primary renewal quote and a cheaper one on the same terms. If you allow the policy to automatically run on they go with the primary (more expensive) quote. Feels sneaky.

    3: they charge interest on the whole quoted price INCLUDING THE DEPOSIT YOU HAVE ALREADY PAID PRIOR TO THE CREDIT BEING TAKEN OUT. Daylight robbery!

    4: they do not state the interest rate on the renewal quote. Hmm

    All in all it does not seem like this format is set up to make things convenient for their customers. I'd be interested to know of anyone else has the same experience? I for one will be asking them to repay me any interest I was overcharged last year on money I never borrowed. Oh and looking elsewhere for my next lot of insurance.
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    The only thing to note is 2). Swinton (nor anyone else) can't switch you automatically between two schemes as you have a contract with the first provider (including automatic renewal) but not with the second and you haven't authorised Swinton to switch providers.

    Swinton have (or have had) many policies, all of which are designed to earn money (why not?) so always have a long spoon when dealing with them.
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    I guess it's just like any other company nowadays - totally untrustworthy. A quick search found many like policies less than half the price of their cheapest renewal quote. Definitely bye bye Swinton!
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