Clarify involuntary redundancy

Hi everyone

My wife's job has been subject to a restructure and she and her team of 3 had to apply for 1 job.

The new role is almost identical to their current role but more hours and less money!

Theyve all applied for the job and my wife was given first shout at accepting.

In reality she doesn't want the job - it's not suitable based on the increased working hours and reduced pay (16500 down to 12k) but applied for the job to ensure she is included in the consultation process.

Shes told them it's not suitable and is now has dates for 3 meetings for the consultation process.

They are really dragging the meetings out, and she's asked when she will be able to leave so can they hurry up - because of this, she's now worried that her redundancy might be classed as voluntary.

She has unemployment cover for the mortgage but it will only pay out if she is involuntarily made her redundant.

Can anyone clarify her position please - I'm losing sleep because she is!!

Thanks in advance :-)


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    She has to stand her ground,

    My job is redundant and there is no suitible alternative.

    If the new spec was known she did not have to apply as it was not suitible
    Consultation is to look at the situation and give both sides a chance to look for ways to avoid job losses no need to apply to be involved.

    The longer they drag it out the more pay she gets so why worry let them drag it out they still have to put her on notice.

    How long has she worked there when will the next service year tick over.

    THe redunacy insurance will also require her to be looking for work.
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