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Sky + for £49!

:j This is my first post so please bear with me!
Since last week our Sky TV was showing No Satellite signal being received on most channels, my Autistic son was having panic attacks as the sky was clear and sunny! I telephoned them to ask for an engineer to come and re-align my dish which I believed had been moved by the strong winds the previous week! My husband was away on exercise with the RAF so I was gutted when they said that a charge of £65 to do this would be expected. We have been with Sky since 1989 so when my husband found out he told them he wanted to cancel his subscription. All of a sudden we were offerred an engineer to come out for free or they could do us SKY + for the discount one off charge of £49!!! This will be a new dish set up and SKY+ for no extra charge, we are already on the full package with them. I can't believe we had all that stress and then they just did this. I hope someone else can be helped by this.
Love everything you do Martin
Smile and be happy, things can usually get worse!


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