Money Moral Dilemma: Should I pay towards landlord's repair bills?



  • penarthian
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    As a landlord I expect to pay for repairs to my tenanted flat. Also if the fridge or washing machine breaks I would replace it.
    However I have a tenant who has called me out three times now due to plumbing/electricity problems, each time I have paid for a professional to attend but each time it has been due to the tenants lack of maintenance . Her Old and Faulty toaster tripping the switch putting her lights out, the fridge had not been cleaned so drain hole blocked and water was therefore leaking. You get the picture? So now I will still send out the repair guys but on the proviso that the problem should not be self inflicted
  • sx2steph
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    I rent out my second bedroom and I always pay for repairs/damage etc. Flatmates rent includes everything so I treat it like that.

    That said a few years ago when it was super cold and snowy, he gave me extra money (of his own back) due to extra heating!!:A
  • No assumptions - their problem.
    There will always be obstacles in your way. It's not IF you remove them but HOW!

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  • Talent
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    You pay rent.
    The landlord pays the repairs.
    Do not bring it up in conversation!
  • gaving7095
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    I would vote "No" unless you're being given ridiculously cheap rent (for a house share - which are usually cheap anyway)
  • Look at it like this - when your friend sells their property, that they own, are they going to give you some of the money they make from the sale?

    I expect not.

    So why on earth should you contribute anything towards any repair bills?!!
  • EmmaHerts
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    I would help if I could afford it and knew that they couldn't.
  • sgt1439hux
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    Would your landlord give you half the profits he made if he sold the property.

    The answer to your question about paying half the repair costs is the same as the answer to the above question
  • It would be a good idea to set up a tenancy agreement to establish this sort of thing.

    It's generous of you to think of your friend, but you are doing your bit by paying the rent - they own the flat and will get the benefit when they sell it. But if you break something, it might be your responsibility.
  • As some of the poster have already mentioned I think it depends on if you pay a fair rent or a reduced rent (mates rates if you will) If you pay a reduced rent as they're your mate I would perhaps offer a small contribution. If what you pay in rent is average for the rental market in your area however I would say that you do not have to contribute towards the repairs. After all if you were renting from any other landlord all of the repair work would be covered by your landlord so there shouldn't be any difference just becuase your friends with your landlord.
    The only caveat I would say is that if it is likely to be a source fo friction between you both then you need to work out in your own mind if the friendship is worth doling out a few quid towards a repair bill if you can comfortably afford it.
    If you're still not sure perhaps actually have a conversation with your friend and see what they feel they expect from you in the circumstances. If you feel that it shouldn't be down to you to contribute as you're paying a fair market rent then you can explain this to your friend so they don't feel like you're just ignoring the issue.
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