Advice needed please.

I currently have credit card debts of around £9000.

They are split between a M&S card, 4.9% for life of balance and a Halifax one card, intrest free on balance transfers until feb 2008.

Im keeping on top of the repayments, just about, and i always try and swap the balance around to different companys when the 0% offers end.

I also have some endowment policies.

One matures in 2009 for £2400.
Two mature in 2010 for £3500 total.
One that matures in 2011 for £1000.
One matures in 2030 for £5000.
All plus bonuses.

Im also paying into a savings bond that matures in 2017 thats currently at a value of £1103.

Now the question is , should i jack all these in, take the money and pay off my debts and make life a little bit easier?


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    Possibly,I wouldn't get rid of the nearest ones but possibly the two further away.
    The endowment that matures in 2030 is some way off and with it only yeilding £5000 I would suggest your money could be place somewhere better that is likely you make more over that period.Have you just started this one?
    I would also consider the savings bond which is ten years away.Make some phone enquires and see what amount you are likely to recieve if you closed them.
    The others I would leave to mature as they are not too far away and could help pay off your LOB ,or provide money towards something else in a few years.
    If you cancel a couple, how much are the payments per month and what would you do with that cash,save it ?,send it to the LOB card?
    Hope that helps.
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