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This is all new to me as This is the first time i have tried doing anything like this

I don't know how to explain or where to start it so difficult trying to write it down but I have got myself into a right financial mess
It start at least 5 yrs ago I started taking out loans to cover cost but was just managing to get by but this year I was off sick from work and when I got my wages I was short so I took out payday loans so when I got paid again they would pay the payday loans off but then ended up taking more payday loans out to cover my bills so I just got trapped and could see no way out, I never asked for help just to stubborn I never spoke or told my partner about the situation I even lied to my partner thinking I could deal with things how wrong I was it has cost me my relationship my home my family I have lost everyone I love and everything what a price to pay all because I kept thing to myself but the one thing it has done it has made me realise this cannot go on so I asked for advice from step change they have helped out so much that I have entered into a dmp the relief and wo constant worrying has been slightly lifted I just need to get my lift back to normal and their is a light at the end of the tunnel I've realised my mistakes and how easy it is to get into a mess but I can promise I will never get into this situation again
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