Spare 20 seconds to vote for neonatal & SCBU Unit to receive a donation?

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Apologies for the random post, I really hope that you guys can help.

I'm posting on behalf of my local neonatal and special care baby unit's charity, Babies in Buscot Support (BIBS). Before you press the back button I am not looking for donations!

BIBS and Buscot Ward are very close to my heart as last year my wife gave birth to our son 15 weeks early due to complications with the pregnancy. He weighed 1lb 11oz when born. The staff on Buscot Ward at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading were absolutely amazing and saved his life on a number of occasions, he would not be with us today if it were not for them.

The charity are involved in an online contest being run on the Direct Debit website which runs until the end of May. Basically people vote for their favourite charity from a select group and the winner gets a £2,000 donation.

We are currently in 2nd place but up against a much larger charity which funds a donkey and camel sanctuary in Egypt... I'm sure this is a great cause but saving tiny lives at home is a more pressing concern in my opinion. They have people voting globally and have 85,000 followers on Facebook. We're a small local charity with 770 followers. We've done fantastically well to get where we are but need your help!

The charity have recently launched a new appeal to raise funds to buy a new state of the art incubator for the unit at a cost of £29,000. Obviously winning this contest and receiving a £2,000 cash injection to this appeal would be a huge boost.

It takes 20 seconds to vote and costs nothing. You can do this via Facebook, Twitter or Google+ via the link below. People can vote from anywhere in the world. You can also vote by SMS in the UK by texting BIG BREAK 0621 to 78866
You can vote 4 times by using each of the methods above if you have a few moments to spare.
Vote link -

Here is a link to a press article in our local newspaper last week regarding the launch of our incubator appeal -

You can also find us on Facebook here -

**It would be fantastic if you could vote for us in this contest but also please share with friends, family and work colleagues if you are able to. We have an event page on our Facebook profile which you can invite your friends to if you wish, making life a bit easier. This includes all of the relevant links and regular updates on how we are doing**

This is my little man during his 3.5 months in hospital and then on his 1st birthday recently :)

In urgent need of a large lottery win...


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    I have voted for you, although it will only allow me to do it once :)
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    voted, good luck
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    Ticked that, good luck to you and hope your little boy comes through.
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