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Travel Agent Code Of Conduct

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  • cheapbizclasscheapbizclass Forumite
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    I will be taking an organization outing to Asia on Business Class. Since I'm just use to RFD economy, is there anything I should know. Or on the other hand do I simply need to lie back and appreciate the full-leaning back seats?
  • Scottie22Scottie22 Forumite
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    I had to pay the balance of a holiday that is unlikely to happen.   When I called them and said paying by credit card, the rep told me it would be safer to send a bank transfer or pay by cheque because that way, I wouldnt need to give my bank details over the phone.    Shameful practice
  • WeeLesWeeLes Forumite
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    Hi, I'm really hoping someone can help. My travel agent, Barrhead Travel, I booked a tour holiday with them flying from Scotland touring Peru and internal flights in Peru.

    Our flights were via USA so that was the first rain on the 14th March our holiday was cancelled. Then 15th March a state of emergency closed Machu Picchu.   We haven't been repaired anything. Barrhead Travel have been awful trying to get in touch with. They say I can maybe get the money  flifor ourghts back on 31st July but our Peru tour won't possibly be replayed until April this year and they are blaming Latin Tours.   But am I right in thinking it was a  Travel package Barrhead and they should pay it all back?   I really don't trust Barrhead they got our money back from American Airlines in April.    Thank you in advance
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    I,d like talk about a certain booking internet service , I feel this is something everybody thinking about "booking" with them should be aware of. 
    I had my fully inclusive holiday (booked as non refundable) 3 months prior to corona, downgraded to half board and, the hotel is will now only accepting "essential" workers only.
     I asked for a refund as one would as not only has the holiday been changed but the hotel wont accept me anyway. The .com firm has refused on at least 4 occasions to refund me. 
    Forget one minute the corona aspect and you can quite clearly see this booking firm are able to do whatever they want with your holiday. They can seemingly not admit you into the hotel when you get there you will be stranded and, you will get NO REFUND.
    What a total disgrace this firm is.
    I have asked for chargeback(cant do it until next week), I have gone to resolver(1 week from the next stage) and have now put in an insurance claim . I will get part or all of my money back, but I think it will be insurance only , due to this non refundable payment I made.
    But, I think this booking firm could well rip you off under normal payment terms. They seem oblivious that they have downgraded me and oblivious that the hotel wont allow me in and this could happen without corona I feel.
    Frustrated does not cover how I feel
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