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I have a water debt of almost £1650 I recently got a copy of my credit report and it shows a default in respect to this its not that I didn't know to pay I just have not been in a financial position to pay low paid work high rent other bills etc I really want to get it sorted out but don't know how to approach it.......does anyone have any experience of this type of debt I want to phone to sort it out but am still not in a good financial position as on maternity leave and am worried they are going to demand more than I can afford to pay I can make payments but they would be small as I'm paying I will probably still be amassing debt as can't afford the current rates I have been burying my head in the sand and completely avoided paying the water for years which I know is wrong but I want to rectify it now.

I have moved somewhere new now and am receiving letters under my landlords name as was too worried about debts I can't afford catching up with me but I have to phone them up and explain I have moved as don't want to leave him with a debt thats mine.


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    To be honest, you really shouldn't have got into this situation in the first place...but, to be helpful, all water companies have procedures in place to help people in financial difficulties, often this is by working with you to figure out a maximum amount you can pay per week/month to pay back what you owe. Because you've left this to go on and on without bothering to contact your water company they may well want to charge you for the many late payments and they are entirely entitled to do so considering the fact you've tried to just ignore the bills. I really would urge you to contact the water company ASAP to try to work this out otherwise it'll just get worse and worse :( I live up North and our water company have been very understanding and helpful everytime I've had to contact them. I hope yours is the same. Good luck and get it done, no more burying your head in the sand!
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