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??? I am with SWEB ENERGY and USWITCH told me i could save loads by moving to POWERGEN and my new annual combined gas and electric would be £700.

I then did another search on USWITCH pretending i was actually with POWERGEN with an annual bill of £700 and USWITCH results came back to say I could save money by switching to SWEB ENERGY so whats all that about i ask you?? reliable is the system ??
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  • I've just checked it out to and it said I could save changing and then I could save changing back :-/

    I don't get it either........maybe this is one for Martin to check out ................isn't it an affiliate of this site ??? and if so it ain't good if it's not giving good advice surely :-/
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    I will ask uswitch
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  • Much appreciated thank you :)
  • Would it be cynical to suggest that Uswitch only get a commission if you change supplier.
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    Always double check a Uswitch recommendation by calculating your existing useage figures at current & proposed suppliers' prices. Make sure you factor in discounts, etc.

    When I put in my monthly DD payments for Atlantic E&G, the system never gives credit for the one month's rebate payable if you stay with them for 12 months. In my case, this is worth £70 and makes them still the cheapest in the Manweb area, even after their eye-watering 25% gas price increase!
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  • With any of the change sites you have to be careful what parameters you feed into them - if you enter what you are paying your existing supplier, the amount doesn't necessarily reflect your actual usage, especially as 'new'suppliers will sometimes put you on low DD payments to fool you into thinking you're saving with them while storing up an excess which will come home to hurt you at a later date, and as actual meter readings are becoming rarer with more and more estimated bills, keep a track of the real usage.

    The safest way to get an accurate comparison is to use ACTUAL usage figures. i.e. a full year's (to factor in seasonal changes) consumption in Kwh for both electricity and gas. Also try checking for individual supply for both Gas and elect, dual fuel deals are not always cheaper.
  • Odyssy,

    Well said, totally agree, good advice. :D
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  • Thanks odyssey....the actual usage idea does sound more accurate.....Tony
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    How many people actually take meter readings, say once a month, and note them down to keep a record?

    I've done this since February, always forward them to the companies online (am metered for water too).

    Occasionally it means paying more than the estimated meter reading bill was, but at least I keep on top. Funny how the estimate is usually lower than what you've used though!
  • Occasionally it means paying more than the estimated meter reading bill was, but at least I keep on top. Funny how the estimate is usually lower than what you've used though!

    If the estimate is low before a price increase it works to their advantage.

    Say both gas and electricity estimated readings are £30 below the true level at the time of a 10% price increase. This means you pay a total of £6 more at post-increase prices than you should have done. Multiply that by every customer and it is a nice windfall for the energy customer.

    Of course if you gave them a reading that was £30 above the true level that would work to your advantage - but that would be dishonest; wouldn't it ;)
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