Wrong water meter and refund

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My water bills have increased dramatically over the last few years, despite my usage being pretty much same.

Thames Water eventually came on site today to check, and basically they were taking readings from the wrong meter in my block of flat. They confirmed by turning off the water supply at the meter. Their system (and my bills) had the wrong serial number, so I have been paying for someone else's bill over the last few years.

How do they correct the bills now (based on what numbers)?
Am I entitled for a refund for the last few years?
Will they try to charge my neighbours for their actual usage?



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    I had something similar happen to me last year.

    It came to light that the supply pipe for my house and the one next door cross over. This meant that the meter that was installed in 2010 was put on to the neighbours supply pipe and not mine! I never checked as assumed they had done it correctly. It was never been picked up by the water company either as both houses have similar numbers of people in the household and so water usage didn't show up anything odd.

    The water comp came and fitted a new meter to my supply pipe and monitored it for 3 months. They then used it as an average to work out against what I had paid for the last few years. End result was a I ended up getting a refund of over £120! I don't know if your water company will do the same but it's possible. You could always ask them?

    I don't know what they will do in respect of your neighbours - guess it depends if they should be on a meter or not. They most likely will 'write off' as an error. Either way, it's not for you to worry about
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    As stated above, the standard method by water companies is to monitor your consumption over a set period with the correct meter, and use that consumption as the basis of calculating your bills for the previous years.

    So go steady with water use during that period;) and you should get a good refund.
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    I think they have identified while on site the flat my meter was switched with, so they may use the readings from that meter instead to correct my bills, as they would have its history based on the serial number.

    However, the residents of that flat are not going to be happy, since they were using a lot of water for several years, and had no reasons to limit since not reflected on the bills.

    Apparently, water companies can correct the bills either way up to 6 years in the past...
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