Money Moral Dilemma: Should we change our wills to benefit our stepchildren?



  • hannerrbabes
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    I don't think you need to be asking this question.
    Also, the teenagers would be pretty !!!!ed off if, when you die, they receive only 10% of the inheritance each for example and you son receives 70% for himself.
  • I would say that it very much depends on what provisions their actual father has made for them, as they will then get 2 inheritances and your blood son will only get the one. This would also be unfair, on your son.
  • Rufus20
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    That depends on if your step children will get money from their birth father?

    If they do then it isn't fair on your son! He only has you to give him a gift!
  • This isn't really a moral dilemma, it's just a choice. Unless your biological child has made financial commitments based on the assumption he will inherit a certain amount, if you feel it would be better to split equally then do so.
  • jillmarie
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    You say that you brought assets with you when you married where did they come from? Your son was a toddler, did his mother die leaving you with her life policy? If his mother contributed to these assets he should get more than the rest. Did/will their father leave them anything if so will they share with your son?
  • Ebreaky
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    If you needed money for urgent care and attention, would it be all the children that would contribute, or just your biological child?
  • Super_Stomper
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    I think it would be a wonderful idea to split things evenly amongst all 4 of your children. You have brought them all up as your family.
  • Does your son know about the original will? If he does then you need to talk to him about this as it would be extremely unfair, IMO, for you not to.
  • debbiesmum
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    As you state - you have been part of your wife's childrens lives for 30 years. Presumably you didn't make any difference in the love and attention you have given them over the years. Why would you make a difference when you die? They are all "your family".
  • silvercar
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    If the husband had entered the marriage with a fortune that he had inherited from his late wife (the son's mother)'s family. (Assuming she had died young), would it be fair for most of that money to now go to the step children. After all the previous wife had died leaving one child who she would assume would inherit everything, now the husband remarried and intends leaving it to non blood relatives.

    (I know I am hypothetically assuming that the wife died young and had a family fortune, but hypotheses are allowed here.)
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