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I am returning to the UK after 12 years in Japan. I have had a Barclaycard in that time, opened while I was in the UK and registered to my Japanese addresses while I was abroad. Apart from that I have no activity in the UK. I have been on and off the electoral roll as an overseas voter at different times (you need to reapply so there are periods where I was not on it).

Will I have a credit score in the UK? I cannot check a non-UK address with the agencies.

Worried that a lack of credit info will lead to a mortgage rejection. I'm also concerned that a quick series of credit checks (from my new UK job, new UK bank account, new UK credit card etc) will count against me.


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    HSBC have (had) a 'universal worldwide' credit rating, but only within the group. We took huge advantage of this when moving back from Russia about 10 years ago, as I'd had previous accounts with HSBC UK and OH with HSBC Armenia before this.

    I don't know what facilities HSBC operate in Japan (or indeed if HSBC are in Japan at all), but it may well be worth speaking with them to see what they can do.

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  • Thanks CK. We have some assistance with the bank account, just concerned about lack of credit history - I'll speak to the banks and mortgage brokers when we move back. Not a lot I can do I suppose, would just like to know where I stand.
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    Credit scores don't exist as such. More a question of meeting lenders criteria. Much has changed since you left 12 years ago. With new mortgage lending rules coming into force in the past week.
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