What out-of-school activities/clubs does your school provide?

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We're interested in knowing what kind of clubs and activities your kids' schools provide outside of normal school time. Perhaps sports, languages or musical instruments?

Are they better value than classes provided by non-school organisations?

Are they taught by school staff or someone from outside the school?

Are your kids doing them? If they are, how many?
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  • meritatenmeritaten
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    Why does MSE want to know Andrea?
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    savingmummysavingmummy Forumite
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    We have the following school clubs.

    Dance run by a qualified dance teacher (not a school teacher) £2.00 a session which runs for 10 weeks.

    Spurs football coaching (run by spurs) £45 for 12 weeks

    Karate £45 for 12 weeks (qualified out of school teacher)

    Cooking £2 a session run by school teacher who is a qualified chef.

    Drums lesson £15 for 10 sessions run by out of school music teacher.

    Gymnastics £25 for 10 sessions - run by a nearby secondary school.

    Drama run by out of school club

    Mad science - run by out of school club.

    My DD does the gymnastics as its far cheaper then out of school!!
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    ellesbellesxxxellesbellesxxx Forumite
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    We do loads - mostly ran ourselves (by school teachers)
    Sports - rugby, netball, cricket, rounders, athletics, cross country, football
    Egyptian Collar !
    Games (board games!) like chess
    School play

    Outside agency does golf

    Lessons: Piano, woodwind, Strings, drumming tuition - ranging from 50-100 a term depending on which instrument
  • daveyjpdaveyjp Forumite
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    Touch Rugby, glee club, tennis, gym, ICT, chess, football, athletics, cricket, netball. All at a primary school from year 3 and all free between 3.15 and 4.15. Our daughter does something 3-4 days a week.

    Largely teachers, but local rugby club and secondary school assist with teaching and facilities. There are also inter school competitions throughout the year which take place for 2-3 hours after school, al run by teachers.

    football coaches from the local league club visit every lunchtime FOC to coach year three upwards.

    Cooking club did run, but it became too popular so had to be withdrawn.
  • MandM90MandM90 Forumite
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    Mad science - Can't remember!
    Fencing - DD has never done this; not sure how much
    Ballet - £88 per term
    Gymnastics £3 per session
    Judo club £66 per term
    French club - free
    Recorder - free
    Drama - £88 per term

    These are taught by outside organisations (except for French club). DD is only 6, so that's all that's available to her at the moment. Right now she's only doing Judo right now but has done many of the above during other terms. She does swimming, rainbows, horseriding and piano outside of school and in the holidays things like drama courses and yoga(!)

    The school also provide swimming lessons for free (they have a pool) but these happen during PE in the summer term.

    They can also learn instruments, but this takes place during the school day as I understand it, and a friend of mine teaches DD once a week which costs £10 for half an hour.
  • daisieggdaisiegg Forumite
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    Are you just interested in primary schools or secondary schools as well?
  • jackomdjjackomdj Forumite
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    meritaten wrote: »
    Why does MSE want to know Andrea?

    Agree with this question. A normal question on MSE but an odd question from MSE.
  • squashysquashy Forumite
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    At the school where I work there are numerous sports clubs done in 6 weeks blocks on a rota basis for classes, there is an art club, maths club, homework club, and choir. We pay outside agencies for some of it but lots of it is run by staff. We don't make a charge to pupils for any of it.
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