Artificial grass- smelly

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I have artificial grass in my garden. A genius idea I thought with a three year old meaning I could clean the poo from my dog and not worry!
However... It's really started stinking!! It's been down for two years and its not a big garden. Does anyone have any experience with this? What can I do to stop it? I tried some watered down bleach. Left it. Then rinsed it. It worked for about two weeks but it feels like its stinking worse than ever now!!! It rained yesterday too so I wonder if that's making it worse...
Any tips etc would be really received. I can't afford to go back to lawn or change this grass


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    I would use something that will break down the dog wee, and help deodourise. Bleach doesn't tend to be great for urine odours.

    I would probably try natural/homemade solutions first. Biological washing powder is a good one, as is white vinegar. Lemon juice is a natural deodouriser but probably a pricier solution. Bicarbonate of soda can work too.

    If you have no luck with them, I would go for a product aimed for kennels, for example Mistral
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    Fabulouso wrote: »
    I can't afford to go back to lawn or change this grass

    Does not compute...:think:

    Going back to lawn will not cost very much; certainly only a fraction of what the artificial grass must've cost.

    Dogs can be trained to to go in one place, but the practicalities of that depend on the size of your garden. If it's small there might not be enough room for a Poo(h) corner.
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    Go back to lawn, will cost a packet of grass seed.

    Artificial grass is just wrong IMO.
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    Did you concrete under the artificial grass?

    Regardless it's not going to get better and there's no magic ingredient or product that'll get rid of the smell if the dog is going to keep peeing on it. Keep the dog out of the garden, lots of walks? It may be worth talking to the old style MSE forum for advice on smells and stains.

    I agree it's probably better to dig it out or get a dog litter tray and teach it to use it.
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    Sorry to be vulgar, but is it a dog poo sort of smell? I'm jsut wondering if the smell could be from another source, depending on what the lawn is on top of? For instance, is there a drain out back? Ours got blocked recently due to the terrible rains we had and it stunk. We got it unblocked by Thames Water though. Also, if there is no drain, but it has that smell, it may be that the water isnt draining properly underneath. Regardless of doggy waste, even rainwater wll smell if left to pool as it festers much like ponds do without upkeep. Can you remember what it sits on top of? If it's soil then it may be clay in which case it could be this and then it wont evaporate because of the artificial grass layer, and wont be 'sucked up' like real grass would do...
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